I received an email asking me to review this webcomic. I answer and say that I’ll get up a review as soon as I can. The author of the email isn’t the author of the webcomic, which I find very interesting. I can’t think of one time someone recommended a webcomic to me that they didn’t draw themselves (or ink or write).

So, this morning I can’t sleep and I think to myself, I should read this comic. I’m needing to deal with some personal issues and I figure this’ll take my mind off of them.

This comic is so beautifully drawn that I really have no words to describe it to you. It is absolutely amazing. On top of that, it uses DHTML so that you point your mouse at a panel and the words appear (tool tip), which means they never distract the reader from the drawings themselves.

I haven’t made it through the whole archives, but the story is according to the about page (I love about pages, hint, hint to webcomic authors everywhere): “ordinary boy with no memory of the past and no urgency for the future; who one day accepts a most extraordinary offer to travel to distant places and invisible cities.” I’ll let you read the credit page yourself.
You don’t read this webcomic as much as you experience it. There’s a feeling that you’re looking at movie storyboards (very well drawn movie storyboards) and that you’re to get the mood from the drawings first and then the words.
I don’t know who gives out awards for best comics, but this one should get it.
Happy Reading!

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