Bad Company 2 – Quick Review


I purchased my copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2 today.

Wow! Bad Company 2 starts off in 1944 and the first mission is a little strange.  Flash forward to whatever year this is supposed to be and you’re Preston Marlowe again.  Didn’t we get the gold at the end of Battlefield: Bad Company?  Shouldn’t we be on a beach somewhere drinking a fruity drink? Not freezing our butts off in God knows where? And, where’s Mike 1 Juliet?

This time it is way harder.  Controls are a lot different.  I like these controls better.  And, I’ve all ready died more times than I care to admit.  But, I’ve earned two trophies.  I can see why game informer mag gave it 9.5 out of 10.  I am confused why they went up to a mature rating – I understand the reason it received a mature rating, I was just wondering why EA and Dice went from teen to mature on this series.

Quick Notes (since I haven’t finished the game):

I like the new way to move through your weapons.  The old way of L2 and R2 just didn’t cut it for me.  I like that you can have two different rifles.

I don’t like the fact that the heal yourself is gone – I don’t seem to get out of the way fast enough to survive a head on attack.

Once I’ve either finished the game, I’ll post a better written review.

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