Battlefield 3 – Open Beta


Last night, I spent a half hour getting my butt handed to me playing the Battlefield 3 Open Beta.  Let me tell you it was absolutely fantastic!  This game is a marvel.  Now, I certainly can’t tell you everything by only playing in two missions, but what I can tell you is that Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition is the most beautiful video game I have ever seen. Maybe, beautiful isn’t the right word. I’m am discussing a war zone with torn up streets and people shooting at you.

I was standing in front of this huge hole in the ground, as I was looking around and it dawned on me that depending on where I stood, the sun looked different.  Not just different, but realistic.

The Beta is opened from now (actually started September 29) until Monday, October 10th.  I had already pre-ordered my copy of Battlefield 3, but playing just the Metro map on rush has convinced me that I did the right thing.  I can’t wait for October 25th to play the full version.

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