Veteran’s Day


In honor of Veteran’s Day, I’m posting two pictures – one of my dad and one of us together.  He served over 20 years in the Navy.  I was only around for 8 of those years.  He missed my birth and my first birthday in order to serve his country.  The first man I ever called Daddy was a black, Navy Chief who wore a uniform like my dad’s.  It’s the price our military fathers (and, maybe mothers) pay serving our country – because they’re gone so long, their children can’t remember what they look like.  I know what he looks like now.   He fought in Vietnam and he’s my hero.

When I heard that the troops in Iraq will be home for Christmas, I wondered how many of them have little girls and how many of those little girls were missing their fathers, like I remember missing mine.  My dad retired from the Navy when I was 8, so I was very young, but I still have those memories of him not being there.  I hope all those daughters (and sons) really do get their fathers (and mothers) back this Christmas.  I hold every one of them in my heart and prayers.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Dad and me - July, 1968

Dad - I think in 1958


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