Pray Away…


I drew most of this by hand.  However; when I scanned it in, I lost some stuff.  I realize now that my handwritten wording couldn’t be read, so I re-did it in Paint.

Anyone else tired of the so-called religious right commandeering our loving, forgiving and patient God to spread their own hate-filled messages?  Michele Bachmann and her “straight” husband are the worse of the lot.  I pray that Jesus has mercy on their souls, but I fear that they are goats and Jesus is looking for sheep, so there might not be any hope for them.  Like the last comic I posted, click on the image to see a larger size.

Pray away Michele Bachmann



Perry and the Gays


Here is my rendition of how Governor Perry sees his campaign for President – especially after he signed the anti-gay promise.  Actually, this is how all of the Republicans see their run for President.  Don’t the Tea Partiers and the right wing get it?  You’re never going to get a ban on gay marriage, because it is an issue that can get you all fired up.  You’re all being played for fools, while you vote against your own economic interests.

Remember when Republicans stood for equality?  Yeah, it’s been a very long time.  Remember when they stood for individual rights?  Remember when their idea of values was freedom?  Those days are gone.

And, yes, I drew this in paint. Oh, if you can’t read it, click on it to view the image full size.

How Governor Perry sees his campaign

Perry and the Gays

Yes, I know I suck as an artist. Wait until you see the ones I drew by hand.