iPhone 4S


I’m not one to knock another’s person’s purchases. I don’t want anyone telling me how to spend my money, so I usually don’t tell people how to spend theirs. I do have an exception to this: I will give advice when asked.

However; I’m going to make a second exception: The iPhone 4S.

I went to Sprint’s site to check out new phones. I’m eligible to upgrade in a couple of months and it will take me that long to pick out a phone. While I was there, I checked out Sprint’s iPhones. They are really expensive! The highest priced phone costs $800! Why is anyone spending $800 on a phone?

Yes, I realize that spending is what keeps the economy going, but $800 for a phone?

Okay, I’m done ranting now.

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New Phone


I have been wanting a new cellphone for quite a while. Since my daughter & son-in-law were generous with a Visa gift card, I figured now was the time to buy.
But what should I get?
I’m a loyal Sprint customer, so an iPhone is out. Plus, I don’t need the headaches. A co-worker has one and all I hear out of him are complaints!
The HTC EVO looks great with a larger than 4″ screen and the latest version of Android – what more could a girl want? A slide out keyboard. Another co-worker let me use his phone so I could test out the touchscreen keyboard. I hated it. It was hard to hit the right key and I’m a touch typist, so I need more response under my fingers.
That brings me to the Samsung Epic. Slide out keyboard, large screen – and very expensive. Not only was it $249 up front, but it would cost an extra $10.00 per month for the special 4G data plan. I’m okay with paying extra for 4G – except we don’t have 4G coverage in southeastern WI & I don’t want to pay for it when I’m not getting to use it.
That left two Android phones with slide out keyboards: the Samsung Transform and the Samsung Intercept. The Transform was out of stock, so I purchased the Intercep and, yes, I did buy the pink one.
I don’t think I’m a power user when it comes to phones. I just want to be able to check email – all accounts; including work – check facebook – write my blog – listen to music – play games… Wait, maybe I am a power user!
The Intercept can do all of that and even more. I can actually view documents. I might be able to work on them, but I haven’t tried it.
So, if you’re in the market for a new phone – I recommend the Intercept. Two thing – the battery drained fast, but it wasn’t fully charged when I started using it and it can get a little slow if you don’t reboot it at least once per day.
In case you’re wondering, I wrote this whole post on the phone.