Shine Runner


I downloaded Shine Runner from Amazon on Friday night.  I ended up playing it for the next hour or so.  I’m not very good at racing games – I’ll admit that right up front – but this game is so much more than just a racing game.

Yes, you do get to race a flat-bottomed fanboat through a backwoods bayou. However; the whole point is to collect money and purchase items that you can sell (hopefully for a profit) at the next location.ShineRunner

So, there’s a little strategy involved that usually isn’t in a pure racing game.  That’s the part I liked best – trying to guess how the money is going to pay out.  What should you purchase to make the most amount of money, because at the end of the game, the amount of money is what counts.  For the racing part of the game, well, you can’t go wrong.  You get to smash into everything.  Pretty much if you enjoy destroying docks, shacks and outhouses this is the game for you. If you enjoy outrunning the police (and, who wouldn’t?), this is the game for you.  At only $.99 on Amazon, you really can’t go wrong.  But, don’t just trust my opinion, view their trailer and make up your own mind.

New Phone


I have been wanting a new cellphone for quite a while. Since my daughter & son-in-law were generous with a Visa gift card, I figured now was the time to buy.
But what should I get?
I’m a loyal Sprint customer, so an iPhone is out. Plus, I don’t need the headaches. A co-worker has one and all I hear out of him are complaints!
The HTC EVO looks great with a larger than 4″ screen and the latest version of Android – what more could a girl want? A slide out keyboard. Another co-worker let me use his phone so I could test out the touchscreen keyboard. I hated it. It was hard to hit the right key and I’m a touch typist, so I need more response under my fingers.
That brings me to the Samsung Epic. Slide out keyboard, large screen – and very expensive. Not only was it $249 up front, but it would cost an extra $10.00 per month for the special 4G data plan. I’m okay with paying extra for 4G – except we don’t have 4G coverage in southeastern WI & I don’t want to pay for it when I’m not getting to use it.
That left two Android phones with slide out keyboards: the Samsung Transform and the Samsung Intercept. The Transform was out of stock, so I purchased the Intercep and, yes, I did buy the pink one.
I don’t think I’m a power user when it comes to phones. I just want to be able to check email – all accounts; including work – check facebook – write my blog – listen to music – play games… Wait, maybe I am a power user!
The Intercept can do all of that and even more. I can actually view documents. I might be able to work on them, but I haven’t tried it.
So, if you’re in the market for a new phone – I recommend the Intercept. Two thing – the battery drained fast, but it wasn’t fully charged when I started using it and it can get a little slow if you don’t reboot it at least once per day.
In case you’re wondering, I wrote this whole post on the phone.