Prototype 2


Has anyone else played Prototype 2?  Because I’m playing it now and I feel as if I am at a disadvantage, because I didn’t play the first one. That said, I’m still enjoying this game. It has an Infamous feel to it and I love that game. I’m enjoying the story – sort of.

I’m having a problem because this has a definite anti-science feel to it. Maybe, because of the anti-vaccine movement that is growing, I am more aware of the anti-vaccine, anti-science storyline than I would be without my awareness of this movement.

You play Sgt. James Heller, who lost his wife and daughter to the infected people. Now, he has a death wish, but first he wants to take revenge on those who caused the virus that ultimately led to his family’s death. Right at the beginning, Alex Mercer infects Heller and this turns him into an evolved.

If you like Infamous, you’ll love Prototype 2. Now, I just have to buy the first one and play it.



imageThis is an addicting little game made by Yippee! Entertainment. The goal is to get your Monkey from tree limb to tree limb by throwing him via a sling.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, you have to get him real high. Sometimes, you have to fit him through a narrow opening. After you rise in levels, you get to play the little girl monkey (I mention this because that’s who is in my screenshots.)
Not only do you have to make it home, but you have to find gems. This is not always an easy task. The gems can be hidden in branches, behind leaves or right out in the open.

UPDATE: First, one complaint:  The game will flip your chimp if you take too long.  Perhaps, this is something to do with my phone (Samsung Galaxy IIIS) or it is a part of the game.  I’m not sure, but it’s annoying.  Second, I’ve played some of the Totem Trail and the Quick Play, which I didn’t mention above.  These are fun little ditties as well.



As I sit here watching the credits roll at the end of Homefront, I am more than a little disappointed. The single player campaign was just too short. I wanted to keep going.

That said, the rest of the game is amazing. With stunning graphics and an intense storyline, Homefront was definitely worth the money. I found myself swearing at the screen – and not because I was frustrated, but because I was seriously angry at the atrophies I “witnessed”. The game lets you feel as if America has truly been ripped apart by the KPA. You see all of the horrors of war – made worst than most FPS war games because this is our country.

The ending looks like there could be a possible sequel. If that is the case, I hope they make the single player campaign longer than this one.

Moving on to the multiplayer. I’m sure if you’re a long time reader of this blog that you know that I really suck at multiplayer games. I’m the noob standing up at the wrong moment that you get to wipe out time and time again. I love to play sniper and I’m not good when it comes to running around randomly shooting people. I, also, have a tendency to keep my mouth shut even if I have my headset on.

I like Homefront’s multiplayer mode. It has the quality (when it works, they’ve been plagued with problems from the start) of Black Ops, but it doesn’t seem as difficult to me. I can hold my own. Yes, I’m still cannon fodder (and don’t we all feel a little bit safer knowing that I’m not in the military?), but I’m able to level up at a faster rate thanks in part to two items: 1) the infantry abilitiy of Grizzled, which allows faster XP and 2) the purchase slot item RQ-10 Parrot. This is a drone whereby you fly around and mark the enemies for your teammates. This is an amazing invention. I have all ready reached the Expert level for it and, mainly due to my drone XP, I have been able to level up enough to have access to better weapons.

Despite the long waits for active games – the wait was longer at the beginning of Black Ops, I think – and some server issues, once the Homefront team get their act together, I believe that the multiplayer environment will be popular for a long time to come.

Homefront game box

If you play Homefront on the PS3, look for me – BentleyGadget.  I usually play Saturday and Sunday mornings and some evenings.