Battlefield™ 1 Open Beta_20160905201342


Here is 18 minutes of me sucking at the new Battlefield game.  But, I loved every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute, here’s my problem…I want to be able to fire using R1 and to Zoom using L1.  Why does everyone want to shoot using R2 and L2?  Am I alone in this?


Prototype 2


Has anyone else played Prototype 2?  Because I’m playing it now and I feel as if I am at a disadvantage, because I didn’t play the first one. That said, I’m still enjoying this game. It has an Infamous feel to it and I love that game. I’m enjoying the story – sort of.

I’m having a problem because this has a definite anti-science feel to it. Maybe, because of the anti-vaccine movement that is growing, I am more aware of the anti-vaccine, anti-science storyline than I would be without my awareness of this movement.

You play Sgt. James Heller, who lost his wife and daughter to the infected people. Now, he has a death wish, but first he wants to take revenge on those who caused the virus that ultimately led to his family’s death. Right at the beginning, Alex Mercer infects Heller and this turns him into an evolved.

If you like Infamous, you’ll love Prototype 2. Now, I just have to buy the first one and play it.



I love my job.  I love creating queries, digging into a pile of data and making sense out of it.  I was born to be a Data Analyst and it shows in all aspects of my life – from my personal mileage/gas tracking database to my license plate that simply states Data Grl, you pretty much know the first love of my life.

This can be both a blessing and a curse.  I take my job very seriously.  I take my skill set very seriously.  I have a tendency to take too long before I can bring myself to ask for help and I have a tendency to be more than slightly irrated whenever I work with a Data Analyst/Report Write who doesn’t seem to care about Data as much as I do.

I’m working on building a new report that expands an older reporter. I’m looking through the code of left joins and unnecessary joins and poorly written SQL and I wonder, How could anyone write this and call themselves a Data Analyst?  This is a hack job.

Am I alone? Anyone else have difficulties working with other people’s code?  I’d really love to know if I am completely alone in this or are there others?

Three hundred Stories


Normally, I put movies, online comics and video games here – not someone else’s posts, but here goes.

Have you heard of Dieter Rogiers? No? Well, you’re about to.
Dieter lives in Brussels and he’s a failed (by his own admission) screen writer. On his 35 birthday, almost a year ago, he set out to write 300 stories that are 300 words or less in a year. He’s on story 238.
I haven’t read all of them yet, but I wanted to pass this on to you, dear readers. I think you might find it interesting.

Hill Climb Racing


I have a feeling I’m the last person to try this game.

You take this little guy in a vehicle through various courses and gain gold coins, which you can use to buy more vehicles and courses. I highly recommend the moon course. Even I, who sucks at games like this one, can rack up a lot of coins on the moon level.


I will warn you, this game is addicting. Also, I highly recommend paying for the game once you tried it. The ads got in the way of my stats, etc. Although, the ads do not hamper game play.

One last thing, not only did Fingersoft create a cute and well done game, they’re not pushy on buying items like some games are. Yes, there’s a big get coins button

however, you can buy almost anything if you save up enough coins. There’s a lot of games out there that reel you in and then want more and more money so you can level up or move on. I realize developers need to be paid, but it’s annoying to have to keep paying to play. So, kudos, Fingersoft.

Assassin’s Creed


Question: Am I the only person who doesn’t miss Desmond? Am I the only person who could give a rat’s ass about the “real” world side of the game?

Black Flag is pretty cool and I’m getting the hang of it. I’m not much for multiplayer, but I don’t have friends (real or online) that are playing the game via PlayStation 3. (BentleyGadget – look for me.) I’m not sure how to play the fleet game with friends, so if you do and you need a buddy, contact me.

Temple Run: Brave



I’m sure this review is a bit late. I’ve had the game for a while now and I’m just getting to the review.  I really enjoy this game, even more so than Temple Run 1 & 2 and definitely more than Temple Run OZ.


If you’ve played any of the Temple games, you know the premise. Something bad is chasing you and you have to out run it. In this case, you’re being chased by a bear (the one from the movie, who’s name escapes me at the moment.)



imageThis is an addicting little game made by Yippee! Entertainment. The goal is to get your Monkey from tree limb to tree limb by throwing him via a sling.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, you have to get him real high. Sometimes, you have to fit him through a narrow opening. After you rise in levels, you get to play the little girl monkey (I mention this because that’s who is in my screenshots.)
Not only do you have to make it home, but you have to find gems. This is not always an easy task. The gems can be hidden in branches, behind leaves or right out in the open.

UPDATE: First, one complaint:  The game will flip your chimp if you take too long.  Perhaps, this is something to do with my phone (Samsung Galaxy IIIS) or it is a part of the game.  I’m not sure, but it’s annoying.  Second, I’ve played some of the Totem Trail and the Quick Play, which I didn’t mention above.  These are fun little ditties as well.